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Nova Balloon Safaris (Pty) Ltd hereby advise all Passengers making use of our services in taking a hot air balloon flight and or travelling in one of our vehicles do so under the following terms & conditions. Paying for and accepting these services you agree to be bound by these conditions.

Prices/ Rates/ Fares

Fares and pricing are in South African Rands (ZAR). Pricing includes 15% VAT where applicable. Prices change at least every year on 1st October for travel after that date or may change at any time based on prevailing market prices. A Peak Season Surcharge may apply on certain dates IE: weekends and public holidays, final pricing will be given at checkout based on the travel date selected.

Should any refund be necessary it will be in South African Rands (ZAR).  Any currency fluctuation that takes place between time of purchase and time of refund is at the risk of the customer and will not be reimbursed by Nova Balloon Safaris.

Alterations to Bookings

Bookings for 5 people or less:

Alterations made MORE THAN 72 hours before travel may be made without penalty. Alterations made less than 72 hours before travel will have a levy imposed of ZAR 500 per person re-booking fee payable immediately upon rebooking direct to Nova Balloon Safari’s and not to any agent.

Bookings for 6 or more people:

Alterations made more than 7 days before travel may be made without penalty. Alterations made less than 7 days before travel will attract a full cancellation fee.

Cancellation and Deposit Policy

Bookings for 5 people or less:

Cancellations made more than 72 hours before travel may be made without penalty and a full refund will be given to the client. Cancellations made less than 72 hours before travel will attract a 100% cancellation fee. Refunds are at the Nova Balloon Safaris discretion.

Bookings for 6 or more People:

Cancellations made more than 7 days before travel may be made without penalty and a full refund will be given to the client. Cancellations made less than 7 days before travel will hold a 100% cancellation fee.

Weather Cancellations

Bookings for 5 people or less:

Cancellations made by Nova Balloon Safaris due to unfavourable weather will entitle the client to a full refund. Please note that if the client made the booking for travel through a booking agent all refunds of deposits and booking fees are to be obtained directly from the booking agent. Such booking agent may at their discretion retain a booking fees less than or equal to 100% of the price.

Bookings for 6 people or more:

10% of the Price on the booking will be retained by Nova Balloon Safaris. Please note that if the client made the booking for travel through a booking agent, all refunds of deposits are to be obtained directly from the booking agent. Such booking agent may at their discretion retain a booking fees less than or equal to 100% of the price.

Prize Bookings:

Prize tickets are not refundable, not transferable and the expiry date cannot be extended. Prize tickets are subject to availability. Please note that if the customer received the prize via a third party, that the conditions for this ticket are only valid and available from the Nova Balloon Safaris reservations office.

Payment Policy

  • Full payment for the flights is required before a guest may board the flight.
  • To hold a confirmed space for 6 or more people, Nova Balloon Safaris will require a minimum 10% deposit at the time of booking. Full payment needs to have been processed before guest’s flight confirmation will be done.
  • For Bookings requiring exclusive use, or greater than 5 people, prepayment of 50% of the final price will be required 3 weeks prior to departure. Final numbers are required 7 days prior to travel and will be invoiced on that basis. Fail to Load will be charged based on the pax numbers advised and invoiced 7 days before travel.


Quotes for special events, incentives, private charters, and specific requirements and incentives will be valid for 7 days from the date issued. Nova Balloon Safaris reserves the right to re-quote based on any changes to quote requirements.

Booking Processing and Payment

Bookings for flights with the Nova Balloon Safaris may be made by email or on the website. Once your booking is confirmed Nova Balloon Safaris will issue you with a booking confirmation. Your booking is not confirmed unless full payment has been received. Bookings not paid for by 72hours prior to flight will be deemed cancelled

Safety Requirements for Travel

Hot Air ballooning is an adventure outdoor activity. We fly from rural properties that are uneven and overgrown. This is valid for our landing area as well. Please arrive appropriately dressed for outdoor activities. Good outdoor clothing with closed comfortable walking shoes. As the morning progresses it warms up and the radiant heat from the burner also adds to the increase in temperatures, thus we recommend you wear layered clothing, easily removable. While the flight is gentle, landings can be bumpy, and the basket may occasionally lay on its side.

The packing up tasks at the end of the flight are optional and we would appreciate your assistance in these enjoyable activities. However, they do involve some lifting. Participation is entirely voluntary. Passengers that are less able bodied are invited to stand back and take pictures of the fun.

General Mobility:

It is a Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) and company requirement that Passengers flying with Nova Balloon Safaris must be able to climb into the basket unaided. In the event of an emergency that Passengers are also able to climb out of the basket unaided. The side of the basket is approx. 1.2 metres high with two footholds for passengers to use like a ladder when climbing in or out of the basket. Nova Balloon Safaris staff will be in attendance to supervise passengers climbing into the basket but are not allowed to actively assist passengers into the basket. The Pilot in command will make the final decision on whether a passenger is able to climb into the basket unaided and therefore travel on the balloon flight. If the Pilot refuses to allow a passenger to board on this basis the Passenger will be given a partial refund

Disabled Passengers:

Nova Balloons Safaris recommends that disabled clients seek medical advice before participating in a balloon flight. The South African Civil Aviation Authority rules prohibit certain disabled persons for safety reasons. Disabled Passengers participating in the balloon flight do so at their own risk and Nova Balloon Safaris accepts no liability for any damage and or injury caused.

Pregnant Persons:

Nova Balloon Safaris recommends that pregnant persons do not fly in a hot air balloon. We do not carry clients who are pregnant.  Clients who suspect they may be pregnant should check with their doctor before travel.

Scuba Diving:

NOVA Balloon Safaris do not carry clients who have participated in a scuba dive the day before their balloon flight. Clients diving the day before travel should check with a qualified dive master as to the safety of the passenger in participating in the balloon flight. We usually do not fly above 4,500 feet altitude and most flights are around 2,500 feet altitude. Clients diving the day before travel who participate in the balloon journey do so at their own risk and the Nova Balloon Safaris accepts no liability for any damage and or injury caused.

Medical Conditions:

Guests with medical conditions should check their suitability to fly prior to booking. You must advise our staff when booking of any condition.  As the entire tour last at times more than 4 hours, passengers are advised to carry any necessary medication with them. Persons with medical conditions participating in the balloon flight and pack up activities, do so at their own risk and Nova Balloon Safaris accepts no liability for any damage and or injury caused.

Alcohol and Drugs:

At no time will a passenger be allowed to fly if their judgement is impaired by alcohol, prescribed or nonprescribed drugs/medicine. Passengers not able to fly may at the discretion of Nova Balloon Safaris be given a partial refund.

Carriage at Pilot’s Discretion:

The pilot in command has absolute discretion in deciding whether a passenger will fly or not. Such decisions are made in the best interest of the safety. Nova Balloon Safaris accepts no liability for any inconvenience and or damage caused. Passengers not able to fly may at the discretion of Nova Balloon Safaris or travel agent be given a partial refund through their booking agent

Facemasks as a condition of travel:

Under updated advice from Government and health authorities with respect to COVID19, we require you to wear a facemask for the entirety of our experience. We reserve the right to deny travel to you if you refuse to wear a face mask and or adhere to safety protocols.

Our Pledge to You

Nova Balloon Safaris is committed to the health and safety of our employees and guests.

  • EMPLOYEE HEALTH – All employees and guests will be required to complete a health screening temperature check.
  • ENHANCED SANITIZING AND DISINFECTING – Vehicles and High Touch surfaces will be disinfected frequently adhering guidelines, before and after every guest use.
  • PROTECTIVE FACE COVERINGS – All employees will be wearing protective face coverings to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • HAND SAFETY- All employees will be wearing gloves most of the time, using hand sanitizer, and practicing frequent and thorough hand washing throughout the day.
  • TRAINING AND SAFETY GUIDELINES – We are supplementing our existing safety and sanitation with enhanced COVID-19 training. All employees are re-trained on hygiene, sanitation and safety standards.
  • CONTACTLESS RESERVATIONS AND WAIVERS – Whenever possible, we will email and retain digital records for each passenger prior to day of flight.
  • SINGLE USE WAIVERS – When guests are unable to use online check-in, we will provide paper waivers for each passenger, sanitizing clipboards and pens after every guest use.

What we ask of you

Please stay home if you are feeling unwell, have a cough or fever, or if someone in your household is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.

  • RESERVATIONS RECOMMENDED – You make a reservation at least 7 days prior to flight.
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING – When waiting before or after your balloon flight, please maintain 6 ft apart from other guests and employees. If a line forms at check-in or any reason, please respect others with distance.
  • PROTECTIVE FACE COVERINGS – We ask that you wear a protective face always covering during your adventure when difficult to maintain a 6 ft. social distance from other guests.
  • GUEST SANITIZING SPRAY – All passengers will be provided with complimentary hand sanitizer.
  • CONTACT TRACING – Prior to your balloon flight, we will request your contact details as necessary for the purposes of contact tracing.

Minimum Age Requirement

Children must be a minimum of 7 years old to travel on the balloon flight. Children up to the age of TWELVE years old must be accompanied by a responsible adult on the balloon flight. Children aged THIRTEEN to SEVENTEEN years old can travel on the balloon flight by themselves. Children less than 7 must remain on the ground in the company of at least a responsible adult or by one parent while the other parent takes the balloon flight and in this situation the parents have the option to fly on successive balloon flights when available.

Peak Season Surcharge and Variable Pricing by Date of Travel

Prices displayed are the lowest available, and are only available on some days, hence a peak season or seasonal surcharge may be applied once the date is selected in the shopping cart. This applies to times such as weekends public holidays. 

Flight Times, “Sunrise” and Duration

Nova Balloon Safaris balloon flights are early in the morning as close to sunrise as possible, but specifically do not guarantee passengers will be in the air at sunrise. Be aware that weather conditions or cloud may affect to what degree the sun or sunrise is seen. Balloons travel with the wind, which governs their speed and direction. Pilots are required to operate in accordance with regulatory frameworks, including SA Civil Aviation Authority regulations. Accordingly, the duration of the flight may vary slightly at the pilot’s discretion, as they adjust environmental and regulatory influences.

Private Charter

The private charter of balloons will be subject to the total of the passengers’ weight. Individual weights of each passenger must be supplied at the time of booking so that we may check the correct weight and balance will be present for the balloon on the day. This is a legal requirement.

Days of Operation

Nova Balloon Safaris rides are operated daily all year round (subject to weather conditions and passenger loadings). This excludes New Year’s Day and Christmas Day.  Nova Balloon Safaris reserves the right to alter flight and pick-up availability at any time.

Minimum Numbers

Our normal balloon tours flights depart daily, and we accept bookings for just one person. Balloon flights are based on a minimum of two passengers and are subject to availability of operational resources, balloons and vehicles which may change at the last moment. Minimum charge will be for two persons.

No Warranty

Nova Balloon Safaris does not warrant the accuracy, completeness, suitability, or reliability of any information, service, or product listed on the websites.

Itineraries, Pickup and Drop Off Times

The times given on our website or in brochures, emails, over the phone or other means are approximate and subject to change depending on the time of year and your exact pickup location. They may be earlier or later than those described. A closer time can be given to you upon reconfirmation with us the day before travel. Some small delays may ensue on the morning of travel if people to be collected before you are late arriving or there are traffic hold ups, which are out of our control. All efforts will be made to contact you if we are going to be more than 20 minutes after your scheduled pickup time. The time you are returned from your flight is entirely dependent on how the morning unfolds and can vary for several reasons. Nova Balloon Safaris or its appointed transport provider accepts no responsibility for any delay in returning passengers to their pickup location, connecting tour or departure point.


  • All passengers participate in a balloon flight at their own risk. Nova Balloon Safaris does not accept any liability for any loss, claim, injury, or any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damage which may arise out of or is in any way connected with the Passenger’s participation in the Hot Air balloon flight or assisting in balloon operations.
  • Under no circumstances shall Nova Balloon Safaris be liable for any loss, claim, or any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages which arises out of or is in any way connected with the use of any information, any listing of any data on our website, or any delay or inability to use this website based on tort, contract, strict liability, or otherwise.


The laws of South Africa apply in relation to these terms and conditions and Nova Balloon Safaris business and address.

Third Party Websites

Our website and that of 3rd parties may contain links to other websites maintained by third parties. Nova Balloon Safaris is not responsible for and does not operate nor control any information or services provided on such third-party websites. The links are provided solely for convenience and do not constitute an endorsement by Nova Balloon Safaris.

Condition Changes

Nova Balloon Safaris reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions contained herein at any time. Visitors to the site shall be responsible for reviewing such term and conditions regularly.

Photographs, Filming and Media

As part of your Nova Balloon Safaris balloon flight and experience we would like to advise that photos and/or film are taken daily as a service to all our passengers. By travelling with Nova Balloon Safaris, you are accepting that you assign all copyright in such photos and/or film to Nova Balloon Safaris and acknowledge that Nova Balloon Safaris has and reserves the right to use such photos and/or films in any medium & in any reasonable manner whatsoever without payment or notification to you.

Images as Documented proof

Photos and/or video may be misinterpreted and are not in themselves taken to form a true and complete representation of any given scenario

Priority of photography within balloon operations

Photos are taken by the pilot and support crew as part of balloon operations and fall secondarily to Civil Aviation safety requirements and operational Standard Operating Procedures’. In some instances, the pilot or crew will prioritise these primary tasks and photos will not be taken.

Photography equipment limitations

Similarly, due to the outdoor environment within which our operation occurs, photographic equipment failure may occur. Whilst we take precautions against such failure and endeavour to have backup systems in place, such failure may result in a loss of data.

Photos offered in good faith where available

Photos included as part of any package are offered in good faith and offered on the proviso that photos are available. No discount, refund or compensation will be provided if photos are not available due to the scenarios listed above.

Personal Items

All personal items are carried at the risk of the passenger. Bags and backpacks may not be carried on the balloon due to weight and safety restrictions, do not bring large bags on our tour.

We advise not to bring valuables or passports or identity documentation on our tour at all. You are specifically advised there are no secure facilities for storing personal items, while on tour.

Nova Balloon Safaris and/or its employees accepts no responsibility, nor are we liable for any act of omission whatsoever (whether inside or outside their control) for any flight or activity which may result in any loss, damage, detention, diversion or theft in regard to personal belongings, and will be exempt from liability in respect of direct or indirect or consequential loss or damage, irregularity, travel delay,  itinerary alterations/commission or extension. We accept no liability for additional expenses whatsoever. Nor will we accept liability for inconvenience or any other event beyond our control including loss of other services, any acts of God, acts of government or other authorities, delays, strikes or cancellation or changes in itinerary or schedules whatsoever, howsoever by whosoever caused.

You are specifically advised that you should have your own travel insurance, or home insurance for any losses incurred by any theft or loss on our flight/ tour and that we will accept no liability in that regard.

Gift Vouchers

All gift vouchers purchased directly with Nova Balloon Safaris are valid for 2 YEARS from the initial date of issue. Vouchers are fully transferable and will only be refunded to the purchaser (this is for valid vouchers only). ALL donated or contra vouchers are ONLY valid as stated on the voucher and may not be extended past the expiration date.

Failure to Load

If you fail to show for your tour for whatever reason, you will not receive a refund as we will have held a firm seat for you and turned away other bookings to do so.  You may rebook a tour for another day in this instance for a fee of ZAR500 nett per person, immediately payable at the time of rebooking direct to Nova Balloon Safaris and not your travel agent.   We recommend travel insurance to be taken out by all passengers. 

Payment Methods

Payment can be made by our online portal and or by bank transfer or a cash payment.

Travel Agents Voucher

If your travel agent gives you a voucher, its acceptance by us as a means of paying for your service depends upon your agents’ continuing good credit status with Nova Balloon Safaris.  We reserve the right to ask you for full cash payment on the day of travel if we are unable to get satisfactory responses to our payment enquiries and credit checks

Whatsapp: +27 (0)82 899 6374

Dangerous Goods not permitted on a flight:

Please make sure that you do not take any of these items on a flight:

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